The company

SCAD ENGINEERING is a 3D design office specializing in the industrial sector.

SCAD ENGINEERING is the product of three skills : engineering, three-dimensional scanning (SCAN) and computer-aided design (CAD) .

Thanks to these three vectors , SCADE ensures complete management in the cycle of evolution of industrial facilities to bring you a viewing angle 3D smart about your industrial facilities.

You can not imagine how SCADE can help you to simplify the management of your projects, construct, operate, maintain and secure your facilities or support you every day.

SCADE consists of a team of twenty engineers and technicians, men and women, all eager to make available the results of their collaboration in a very advanced technology.

Discover the different aspects of our identity and do not hesitate to contact us to better understand the opportunities available to you,

"Tomorrow is already today".

last achievements

30 μm precision 3D Threedim surveys

Equipped with high-precision equipment, we offer a 3D scan service, 3D reading and in-situ adjustment with a precision of up to 30 microns.

3D scan, three-dimensional on-site survey, retro-modeling, dimensional control, form and assembly, complex molded parts, sculpted, machined, boiler, injected, extruded, thermo-formed, welded,...

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3D Controls, Measurements & Simulations

We Scanning, Analyzing, Measuring, Controlling, Controlling, Simulating in 3D

your Books, Machines, Parts, Assemblies and Assemblies

                at Precisions ranging from cm up to 30 μm

at you or at us

Assembly Assembly Simulation,...

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Building 3D virtualization

For the city of HAVRE we have scanned and modeled in 3D the neighborhood of Porte Océane.

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Interactive & 3D modile applications

We develop interactive & 3D applications for smartphones, tablets or computers.

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3D Scan of a Windmill

For the conservation of windmill Hauville, SCADE conducted a three-dimensional footprint of the construction using a

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360 ° interactive tour of a Winmill

We realize applications of interactive and 360 ° visits.

On his computer, his tablet or his smartphone the visitor can move from one point of view to another then turn on site 360 degrees and tilt the gaze of the floor to the ceiling to discover every nook and cranny.

An aerial photo allows...

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SCAD ENGINEEIRNG is engaged in continuous improvement initiatives :
to certify its management system of safety, health and the environment.

Tél. : +33 (0)972 508 691